Our vision is to make data more efficient

Data is the center of the AI world, and yet there are many challenges in capturing to storage and processing of high-dimensional information. Our Technology provides effective, reliable, and green solutions to these challenges that can reduce the cost/energy significantly.

About Us

A Revolutionary Machine Learning Technology for Compressive Digital Media

We provide a green and efficient solution to capture, storage, and processing of multimodal and multidimensional data with small memory foot-print and fast local access to memory as demanded

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Our Services

What Service We Offer

All of our services are combined with consultancy and a software that can be easily integrated with your system

Efficient Rendering

We enable fast and efficient rendering which reduces your computational time.

BRDF Acquisition

With our technology it is now possible to use data-driven material in rendering.

Data Compression

We can reduce the size of data in orders of magnitudes, with high quality.

Meet Our Team

Saghi Hajisharif

Ehsan Miandji

Jonas Unger

Per Larsson

Anders Ynnerman

Jonas Gustavsson